Rider Spotlight: Sydney Shulman

Nov 15, 2017 - 12:14 PM

Sydney Shulman, or better known as Syd, is one of the sport’s top young professionals who is beginning to make a name for herself. The 22-year-old from Greenwich, CT has followed in her mom’s footsteps, Jill Shulman, and now has her own business, Syd Shulman, LLC.

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Shulman’s recent accomplishments include winning the $40,000 International Speed Stake CSI4* at Devon this past summer aboard Wamira, and besting the $35,000 Hermès Sellier Classic CSI4* at the American Gold Cup in September aboard Villamoura. More recently, Shulman topped the $6,000 1.40m Power & Speed CSI 3* at the Tryon Fall VI with Villamoura. We caught up with Shulman to see what she is excited about with the upcoming 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival!


How long have you been competing at WEF?

My first year showing down here was in 2007, so ten years ago. My first year here I remember doing the small ponies in rings C and D.

 syd 10

What is your favorite part about showing at WEF?

We love coming down here, it is so nice! I also love not having to travel every weekend and it’s nice to have a home base and know what to expect every weekend. My grandparents live in Palm Beach, FL and my Dad is originally from here so I actually started coming down here before I ever showed. So it really is like a second home to me.

What do you like about the facility?

I think it is one of the best facilities in the world. I am in business with my mom and it’s amazing that we can have walk-trotters showing at the same time that I am competing in a 3* Grand Prix. For us with a business, the opportunities for all levels to compete is the biggest thing.

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Where did you compete this summer?

After Florida we headed back home to Greenwich, CT and did the Old Salem shows because they are basically in our backyard. I also did Devon,  Kentucky, and Tryon for the first time instead of indoors! I wanted to try something different. Tryon and Gold Cup this Fall were my two best shows this year.

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Do you have a specific horse you are excited to show at WEF in 2018?

I am particularly excited about an 8-year-old I have, Villamoura. I bought her last year, and she won her first FEI class at Tryon this Fall. She has been amazing and I’m really excited for this winter with her. My plan is to aim at the CSI2* and U25 level with her because she’s still green and learning and I don’t want to overwhelm her.

syd 6

Are you in Florida right now?

Yes! I have been down here for about two weeks now. I have a couple of horses who will do the Holiday & Horses show, but most of our clients won’t come down until December or January so their horses are just hanging out and relaxing.

What is your favorite memory at WEF?

Probably winning my first high junior classic here! I was 14 at the time, and I still think they are huge, but when I was 14 I really thought the jumps were massive. I never really got to show in the International Ring, so when I did and I won my classic I thought it was the coolest thing in the world!

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We wish you and your team the best of luck this season, Syd!



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